Robin Hood's Bay - Where it all started

Robin Hood's Bay - Where it all started

"Robin Hood’s Bay is a pretty village of pantiled cottages tumbling down the steep hillside towards the North Sea. Its quaint cobbled pathways and…"

Read it all before? A million words have been written about Robin Hood’s Bay, all pretty much the same and all of them falling way short of capturing its real charm. Not because the writers are inadequate but because this tiny village has a truly unique way of getting into your soul and then making you believe that you’re the only person who feels that way about it.

I am lucky enough to call this place home and spent my childhood enjoying and taking in these magical surroundings. I love to reminisce about summers spent down on the beach, playing rounders and taking in the fresh air. It was also a time of friendships; each year as the summer holidaymakers arrived, there was a whole new group of kids to make friends with. Evenings would be spent sitting in the dock, watching the world go by with a portion of chips and some sweets from Dolly's. We never realised just how good we had it.

Later on into my teens, life was spent between school and working manic hospitality jobs, just living for the weekend. After a long week of running around after people, there was no better feeling than sitting in the garden of the Victoria Hotel or enjoying a cold pint outside the Bay Hotel, people-watching and laughing with friends. I'm sure a lot of you have done this too. 

These are just a few of my favourite memories but you will no doubt have your own. Robin Hood's Bay is so many things to so many people whether local or just visiting. 

In starting The Bay Company, we wanted to create premium quality products that allow people to have a little bit of the coast with them, wherever they are. We have top quality hoodies that you can wear to a chilly evening BBQ on the beach and beanie hats that will keep you warm on the windiest of dog walks. Our photographic prints will bring the coast right into your home and our fabulous handmade reed diffusers will evoke the scents of nature and the great outdoors wherever you happen to be..

Although our beginnings are small, with your support and our determination we can bring many more beautiful products to you. 
Exciting times are ahead.

The Bay Company

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